What’s silky and soft and yummy……………. A chocolate panna cotta 😘

Crazy thinking.

Sometimes, do you ever feel as if all the decisions you’re taking are all wrong ? And that they could have some consequences… and yet, you go ahead.. It’s a sinking feeling. One thing happens and you feel as if a game of dominoes is going on.. in your life..each of them falling one by one..and before even you can think how to not let them fall. That’s when, one thing helps.. looking back at all the good decisions you ever made and having faith in that ability. Just because one day or say, two days you took the wrong decision, doesn’t mean that you can’t make it right. If you don’t try, you’ll never know… isn’t it ? Its like telling yourself…. its okay, there has to be one of these days too. Or life would be very boring with all the good days and all the right decisions 😛

Well, bottom line being… have faith in you. So many other people do, they are not crazy 😛 🙂

Restaurant hopping 😋

So two weeks back, I was out with a friend for a movie…and then restaurant hopping !! was so much of fun.. 😂😂
Going to a restaurant, going through the menu for ages and then freezing on one thing…… And deciding that one thing takes a lot of time, believe me !  Because you don’t want to eat too much at one place, that when you go to the next one, you’re too full to order 😜 

So the first place we went to was called The Ship…and it actually felt like one, to be honest ! We sat in a booth overlooking the road below, with curtains and everything…nice and quaint ! So the first thing we had was – Mexican food.  Enchiladas to be precise 😀 pretty decent..

The second place we went to was called Arthur’s Theme….fancy name right ?!  European cuisine… The menu there was a little different, where the dishes were named after certain famous people…like you had a Don Quixote, Marie Curie, Houdini and the list goes on….fancy list ! 😀 anyways, we had something called Markus..a fish fillet, beer batter-fried with a white wine sauce and mushrooms. Loved the subtle flavor of the mushrooms….😍

Now, the third place we went to was a small ancient-looking place called Terttulia… Again European food 😜  So here, it didn’t take a lot of time to decide what we were gonna have…it was pork chops with a barbecue reduction and raspberry compote.  Was pretty good….not bad !  And hence, ended the restaurant-hopping for the day ! Food, food, food….😂
Hope to do it again soon…was fun !

There’s only one word – Sinful.


If anyone looks at this and doesn’t feel like taking at least one bite..I don’t know what’s wrong with the world.  😁 My best friend and me went for an evening treat after work and found this – heaven in two little pieces ! 😍
We didn’t feel like moving from the place after finishing this..and adding to that, both of us got high on chocolate ! 😋 Talking all kinds of crazy, stopping at traffic signals in the middle of crazy traffic to click pictures…oh boy ! 😂 It was a great day.. ❤